Letra de canción de Mike Stud – Amanda Bynes

La letra de la canción de Mike Stud – Amanda Bynes.

Versace, versace
No, fuck that
Where my cup at?
Money on my mind like a Bucks hat
On point like a thumbtack and I’m up next, oh yeah
Are you sick of me yet?
Get love every city we at
Run around a map like a victory lap
Check YouTube if you need a recap
Man, dressed like a jock, fuck designer
Coming up behind ya, tryna fuck Rihanna
And I’mma do that, damn right I’mma do that
Oh Kendall Jenner, I can’t forget her
Man, that girl bad and I want her in the worst way
She’s 17? Well, when the fuck is her birthday?
Versace, versace
I do what I want and ain’t nobody stopping me
Just bought so much property, my life feels like a game of Monopoly
Out on the cape and we party with Seguin, I’m cool on the hockey scene
Two chicks: one black, one white, that’s right, I’m supporting equality
Now all of these dudes trying to copy me, I’m starting to get pissed off
Walk around town and I see myself, feeling like Chris Paul
Come to a show and got all of these hoes fighting for some camera time

Cause I got white girls going crazy, Amanda Bynes
I got white girls going crazy, Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes
I got white girls going crazy

[Verse 2]
Aw man, aw damn he goin’ ham again
For the cheese they keep making me a sandwich in
Got heat, so I gotta keep the candle lit
Got ’em standing in place like a mannequin
Ah, oh baby
Dear God, don’t hate
But I’m with both of your exes and they thirsty, Dos Equis
I got her saying shit she’d never say
Says she likes when Mike’s hard, but she ain’t drinking lemonade
Get it straight, alright okay
I beg your pardon, I came to party
She said to me: “Mike, can we fuck please?”
And I said: “No doubt, Gwen Stefani”
Fuck with me though, fuck with me though
Please keep it down, I got company though
24 years old, with a quarter million on my company card
I get it, I get why these guys is hating
I keep saying no to these deals, even Howie Mandel is getting impatient
Versace, versace
My sushi is good and so is my sake
You’re the man on Twitter, that’s cool my g, but in person you’re sloppy
Better handle all that
Zone d, bruh, better fall back
That’s just how I does it
Dude got left but he had it coming

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