Vídeo de música de Jack White – Lazaretto

El vídeo de música de Jack White – Lazaretto.


A continuación la letra de la canción de Jack White – Lazaretto.

My veins are blue and connected
And every single bone in my brain is electric

But I dig ditches like the best of ‘em
Yo trabajo duro
Como en madera y yeso
Como en madera y yeso

And even God herself
Has fewer plans than me
But she never helps me out with my scams for free,
though she grabs a stick and then she points it at me
When I say nothing, I say everything
Yeah when I say nothing, I say everything

They threw me down in the lazaretto
Born rottin’, bored rotten
Makin’ models of people I used to know
Out of coffee and cotton

And all of my illegitimate kids have begotten
Thrown down to the wolves, made feral for nothin’
Quarantine on the Isle of Man and I’m trying to escape any way that I can, oh
Any way that I can, oh

I have no time left
Time is lost, no time at all, throw it in a garbage can
And I shake God’s hand
I jump up and let her know when I can
This is how I’m gonna do it

They wanna blow down in prison
They’re lighting fires with the cast of the masses

And like the dough I don’t fall down
I’m so Detroit, I make it rise from the ashes


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