Vídeoclip de Ryan Star – Stay Awhile

El vídeoclip de Ryan Star – Stay Awhile.


A continuación la letra de la canción Ryan Star – Stay Awhile.

Clocks marching at the double time
Every dollar has become a dime
Hearts breaking at the speed of sound
Falling down, all around

Bombs lighting up the eastern sky
The backroom deals and the bottom lines
The Earth’s shaking, but we don’t know why
A million fires, oceans rise

I leave it all when I feel you near
What I’m saying is I need you here
Even though love never seems to last
If you think we’ve got a chance

Stay awhile
Oh you got to stay awhile
These days are wild
So baby, won’t you stay awhile

Drop the needle on the belle brigade
We slow dance till the moonlight fades
Tell me now that you’ll never leave
Always stay, here with me

Keep me safe from the circus show
The bullshit and the blowing smoke
The knife hidden under every sleeve
Stab your back, watch you bleed

They’re gonna tell you what you wanna hear
Like: I can make you a star next year
Well, if New York city’s lights are so bright
How come so many people cry tonight


Let your hair fall around your face
I would kill just to keep you safe
Put your body next to mine
Just let go, and close your eyes

I shiver when I feel your skin
Like a sinner who’s been forgiven
Go on, baby, shine your light
Cause no one’s gonna find us here tonight




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