Paris Hilton – I Need You [video y letra]

Video: Paris Hilton – I Need You

Letra de la cancion I Need You de Paris Hilton

  • I wanna put the happy
    In your birthday
    and I wanna be
    the merry in your Christmas
    I’m always giving thanks for you
    On every Thanksgiving
    Sure as the sun will rise
    I need you
  • I wanna be the bunny
    in your Easter
    and I wanna kiss you
    every New Year’s Eve
  • You’ll bring my heart to life
    Make everything all right
    I thank God you came to me
  • Every hour of the day
    Every day of the week
    I need you
  • Every week of the year
    Every year of my life
    To kiss you, to love you
    To hold you, to hug you
    I need you, I need you


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